Blogging And Online Income

If you are new to blogging and have never used a blog at all before, then it wouldbe best to start out as simple as possible. To do this you should begin byexperimenting with setting up your first blog on blogger.

Blogging And Online Income

How can I create my first blog

This is the easiest way tobegin with only three easy steps to follow.The first thing you do is to go to From here you can acquire all theinformation.
 you need to set up a new account. You will need both a usernameand a display name. You will have to provide an email address and a password for your protection.After this has been done you simply select a template and begin to post to yourblog.

Entering the blogosphere isn't as hard as you may have thought it was. Younow have a good idea of what it means to blog for fun. However, to make moneyyou will have to get a lot more in depth. For instance, you will have to choose aninteresting topic to blog about.For those of you that already have your own domain, you can normally download another program for blogging called Wordpress.

 This can usually be installedwith just one click of the mouse from your domain. Once this program is installedall you have to do is follow the instructions for logging in and begin posting rightaway. After experimenting with either of these blogging programs for a bit youare ready to move on to more interesting blogging.Read on to find out more about what is available and how you can create yourown amazing blogs for profit.

How to use Blogger

1. Go to and set up a new account with a username, password,display name and email address.
2. Create a blog for each keyword you have chosen, using the keywords inthe title and the web address
3. Choose templates and design for your blog.
4. Start posting on your blog (using keywords you have chosen)
5. Enable comments from registered users and backlinks on your blog (if youwant them.) Making Money With Blog
• Donations
• Contextual advertising
• Selling advertising space
• Affiliate programs
• Product or service salesYou will need to consider each option to help you decide which one(s)

 will workbest for you and how you plan to carry it out.DonationsYou can do donations with Paypal by putting a payment link or button on yourblog. This makes it simple and easy for people to donate to your blog. Just keep in mind that if you expect people to donate, you need to be giving

 themsomething that they feel is worth it.There are also ways for you to set-up offline donations to your blog.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense Another way to make money from your blog is by using Google Adsense. This iscalled contextual advertising. Google has made this famous and it is now a veryacceptable and common way of advertising which is offered by severalcompanies, not just Google. When you use Google to find a keyword, you will seeads that contain other keywords that are similar to the one that you weresearching.Sell advertising spaceAnother way to bring money into your blog is by selling advertising space.

Pheedo and Adbrite

Pheedo and Adbrite are two systems that people to run ads on your blogalthough; new providers are on the rise. You set a price and advertisers bid for aspace. Of course, the first thing you need to do before selling advertising spaceis to prove that your blog is popular enough to attract readers that can see theads.One of the best ways to show exactly how popular your site is would be bykeeping up with the amount of people that visit your blog. You should also makesure that you promote your blog in a way that it will rank high in the searchengines. This is a vital step in making your blog popular.Keep track of all your visitorsThere are a lot of programs available for tracking how many people visit yourblog, many of which are free programs. Awstats and Analytics are two verypopular forms of programs used for tracking visitors. There are also quite a largenumber of tracking programs that need to be paid for.

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