Effective Typography in Web Design

Art and literature complement each other since the past. Pictures and graphics contain texts that enhance their quality. A beautifully written text with a picture helps to convey its message easily. Movie posters are perfect examples of what role a text plays in expressing the significance of an illustration. Typography is the science of expression through beautiful design of words. It is the proper management of texts in a page. Artist and designers make use of their typographic skills since decades. Advertisements, banners, poster, etc. employ typography to attract the public. Typography is an art that can make a good appeal if employed correctly.

Effective Typography in Web Design

Web designing 

Web designing is a perfect canvas to display your typographic abilities. A good typography does not only attract users but makes your website more meaningful. Text is often more preferred than images and graphics because it is the part that is read and marked. Let us find out the important aspects of a fine typography.

Fonts are the body of typography. A good typography depends on the choice of fonts. Web Design India There are two basic types of fonts – Serif and Sans Serif. Serif fonts have small feet at their base. Sans serif fonts are straight and have clean cut offs. Times New Roman, Cambria, etc are examples of Serif fonts while Arial, Calibri, Candara, etc are Sans-serif fonts. Mixing these two types of fonts together in a piece of text often results in difficulty in reading. Thus, it is advisable to place them away from each other.

content of the website

Maintaining hierarchy in the content of the website is necessary. Headings and the articles must have some space between them. In addition, they must have different styles so that a user can identify what to read when he is just quickly scanning the page. This becomes possible when the headings and the articles are of different font sizes and colors. Usually, the headings are bigger and bolder in a good web design. Small sized text need to be contrasting to the background to easy readability.

Many designers choose stylish and unique fonts for their design. It is not a good habit because most of the users might not have these fonts installed in their computers. As a result, the computers use default fonts that usually reduce the effect of the typography. Intelligent designers supply a common font as a second option in such cases. These fonts are secondary fonts that load automatically when the original font fails. It is usually a good practice to include secondary fonts in your website.

Web designers consider typography as an art. They transform simple text into beautiful words with the help of Cascading Style Sheets. It is very important to keep the design consistent in all pages. This enables users to view and read the content of the website easily. Users usually tend to bookmark web pages with good content and readability. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a good set of typography in to the website.

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