Google’s Message to Designers

Most of the Web designers and SEO experts target Google in a web design. It is not only the biggest search engine but also the most visited website in the world. It has millions of customers visiting regularly in search of information. According to an estimate, Google handles almost 80% of total internet searches in the world.

Google’s Message to Designers

It is not very difficult to understand the hugeness of this portal. Web experts know this fact and design websites that pleases Google. They stuff the website content with keywords and phrase that relate to the subject of their website.

Google’s Message to Designers

Google however has stated that it gives priority to content rather than the keywords. According to the Google spokesperson, they look for unique and original content in a website. If they find anything helpful, they index it on the results page. Google is dedicated to cater millions of people with relevant information on every topic of the world. That is why they look for quality rather than quantity. If a website’s content is superior and possess the right keywords, Google will surely rank it high on the results.

On the other hand, most of the website designers focus on understanding and cracking Google’s algorithms.Web Design India They do not care much about content and its quality. They use different methods like back linking, social media bookmarking, blogging, etc to obtain a good rank for their website. Google has asked the web developers to focus on good content to the users rather than the important keywords. It says to web publishers to give the users the best possible experience. The important factors in a good content, according to Google are – original content, original reporting, original research and original analysis.

the factors that make the articles good

Google also looks on the factors that make the articles good. It tries to find out whether an expert or amateur has written the content. Whether the author understands the topic in depth or has just a sh idea? Has he edited the articles well? Do they seem sloppy or hastily produced? Does the website hold the authority to produce such content? These are few points that Google looks out in website content. After reviewing the articles, it places them in its results.

The summary of what Google wants to say is to focus on your own job rather than Google’s. Google is never going to disclose its algorithms to the public but it states openly that it considers the content the most important part of the website. Do not always count on statistics of third parties like Panda. Always try to deliver the best possible experience to the users. If users have good experiences, they will come to the website frequently. In that case, Google will not ignore the website.

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