How To Make a Website Live

The two steps to After the long efforts completing the website development and testing the time has come to share the creation with the world but how do you do it? It seems to be the easiest work before you actually get down to making the website ‘live’. There are many stages and options to confuse any non-technical person. Here’s a quick guide of the process.

How To Make a Website Live

The first step you need to take is to register a domain. A domain name is basically an official address for your website on the World Wide Web. It is a unique identity by which people can search you. Domain registration is done at a nominal yearly cost and there are many companies offering domain registration. But first, you need the check the availability of your preferred domain name that can be done online through various websites.

Please note that there are many kinds of domains available like .com, .net, .org etc. in functionality there are not much differences amongst them as they all are basically web addresses. Web Design India The difference lies in application and identification. For example a .org domain signifies an organization, similarly a .com or .net is a global domain, while a is country specific domain. You need to choose the domain as per the kind and area of your business operation. Once you find a domain that is available you simply to apply for it and it will be yours for the next year.

Now that you have got yourself a name of the web, you need a place to live online.All the website pages that you have created have to be uploaded somewhere so that when somebody types your website’s domain name then the web should be able to fetch your webpages and display them. This place where you upload your pages is called server and you need to buy space on them. It is an annual cost just like domain names.

There are not many options in choosing servers. You need to look out for only two things – the amount of server space you need (which depends on how heavy your website is or can be) and the server company, as you want somebody reliable with minimum downtime.

With domain and server in place you are all set to see your website on the Internet.Of course, there are many other small technical details but leave that to experts like us.

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