The New Google Policies

Google has introduced new privacy policies which can be applied to SEO content. The new privacy policies by Google have caused an outcry from many areas.

 It is feared that many of the privacy policy measures introduced by Google are actually illegal. One of the most contentious issues has been about Google’s decision to track down its customers when they use Google’s products. Moreover, with the introduction of the new privacy policies users can be bombarded with advertisements which are related to their online searches.

The New Google Policies

 The new privacy policies also would make Google store huge collection of data of its users. Google on its part denied the privacy policy infringing on anybody’s rights and said that these new policies will make the Google products more simple and intuitive. Google now plans to link user data across its various platforms of Gmail, YouTube and Google Plus Social Network in order to aid SEO practice. Google might even share some of the information you provide with others through emails, social networking sites and other services. So if you search for skateboards on Google search, the next time you log in to YouTube you might be suggested skateboarding videos. That is not all; you would even get ads related to skateboarding and also the nearest places from where you could buy them. The Google policies for SEO content, which came into effect on March 1, seek to revolutionize the very way information is stored online. 

 You can now share your information from all Google platforms using Gmail, YouTube, Google search, etc. So once you site on your Google account, you can access any of Google’s services. Google on its part has said that the new privacy policies will not make any user force to join and become a member. Users will still be able to search Google without having an account on Google and can search anonymously. Google hopes these changes in its privacy policies will help them sell more advertising and earn better revenues. Advertisements will be made to Google users on the basis of user preferences for example Long Island SEO which is called area based results and so companies (who are advertising on Google) will have a better chance of selling their products as well. Google hopes that the new changes in its policy will help its market shares to rise up as well, which fell a bit in recent times.The new social network Google plus, launched by Google hasn’t had much success till now. Though around 90 million people have joined Google plus since its inception, not many people actively use it like they use Facebook. With all the privacy changes being made, it is to be seen whether the fortunes change.

 One of the main criticisms that had come in for Google plus was that it did not encourage sharing the way Facebook did. With these new policies, Google has taken the concept of ‘sharing’ to another level. Google has even begun to recommend people and companies with Google plus accounts in its search results. These new privacy policies by Google apply worldwide. It is to be seen how customers and fans of Google respond to these changes.

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