Unforgettable Gaming Time

Brotherhood. Old Republic's companion looks like it was. Currently, they are very smart in combat, but some small problems in terms of skills. I can also change the behavior in different modes (single attack or focus the scope of attack). Companions to upgrade follow me, but also to learn new skills to make swtor credits ,weapons and some other game items. AI companion skills can be set automatically using free or do not use. I can manually determine which skills he should use.

Unforgettable Gaming Time

role of companions in star wars

In addition to fighting, the role of companions in star wars the old republic is much as manufacturing. The game manufacturing system called the crew skills, mainly because these are not traditional skills. Although there are a lot of ability to capture and collect, but also includes the task of manufacturing systems skills. My role the only crew skill is to collect resources from nodes all over the world , but even so, I can let my partner go and collect. In addition, the crew skills are used by the time ,players send fellow players out and carry out a task, or lined up to create items. Although I have not used this system much, but very much like cutting skills.

I have not participated in any world pvp, but still took part in the game's battlefield. And just like other games, but Star Wars: The Old Republic the story of the battlefield with more ingredients. The film features in PVE we also can see in PVP. At present, level 10 cannot line up and entering the battlefield, but this is not a big problem. Available in the game , Bioware plans to open three battlefields: the Alderaan (occupation and defense), Huttball (special space game) and Void Star (attack / defense). Here we will look at Huttball and Alderaan battlefield.

Huttball is my least favorite battlefield why?

Huttball is my least favorite battlefield, not because it is imperfect, but it not like Alderaan need so much teamwork. Teamwork is very important, after all, online games, but the team seems to Huttball in order to prevent players from just a single player game. In Huttball, the aim is to win the ball field and into the enemy's end. The enemy team will try to prevent you, at the same time there are many death traps, such as flame spray acid pool and mouth. The ball can be passed to other players, this is the problem. Basically, very few people pass. Either they do not understand pass or individualism mischief. 10-15 minutes the end of the game, regardless of scores you need to wait. If you lose badly, it can only wait.

Alderaan, on the other hand, there is no such problem. Alderaan is more intuitive occupation and defense pvp maps, center of the field as well as east and west sides are equipped with battery, battery control team can attack the enemy carrier. The more control of the fort, the enemy life carrier out faster. Eventually teh ship crashed on fire to end the game.

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